Mini Capsicums

Today, the first of the fruit have started to grow. Seems Hamish’s hand-pollination was successful! How the plants have survived, and thrived in such a small pot is somewhat of a mystery. The only logical explanation is that the pumpkin plant sharing the same pot is somehow beneficial to the mini capsicums…


It was actually a few months ago that I discovered a song by a band that I thought had disappeared as one of many, many one-hit wonders. And of all places, it was a j-pop music channel I had recently started frequenting that I re-discovered this band…

Even now, I’m still astonished that Hanson—yes, that’s right, Hanson—is still together, producing music, going on tours, and still have a fan base. And even more so that they have a song I actually like. Weird!

The song is Thinking ’Bout Somethin’, and it’s all maiZe’s fault that I watched this song and got hooked on it.

Learning Japanese

Today, by some miracle and an inordinate amount of practice, I've managed to recognise all the basic katakana. It's still an insanely difficult task to translate words in katakana to english, with an assorted array of gotchas to catch you out.

It's been a very long time since I've had to work at a subject. School had usually been easy, so having to practice regularly has been interesting. Next up will be learning to read hiragana, but I figure another week focusing on katakana will be more beneficial than trying to rush through too quickly.

Overall, I'm impressed that I have progressed this far. I was always being negative and telling myself it's too hard. But with a handful of good and encouraging friends, and a neat little robot to quiz me at my whim, I've been able to overcome the barricades I had placed in front of myself.

Push Ups Program

I randomly arrived at one hundred pushups a couple days ago from a link in comments to a post on Life Hacker. After reading through the website, I decided to follow their well-thought out program.

Completing day one of week one, the program feels entirely achievable. Doing pushups until failure is extremely tough, leaving my body trembling after the intense exertion. I'm constantly surprised how such seemingly simple exercises easily push the body to the limit, reminding me of Pilates-type exercises—despite only doing stretches, I'm left pouring in sweat, thoroughly exhausted.

The program lasts about six weeks, and I highly encourage all of you who read my journal to challenge yourself to complete the program too!

Falls to Climb

Coming home today, I over-steered on the slight rise whilst dipping through the lil tunnel for the cycle path with the back end of my Scott sliding out from under me in a strange twisting motion. Slid about a metre, with a solid thunk of helmet to concrete before coming to a standstill. There was only superficial damage: a graze to my right hip, and my bike a little out of shape but otherwise still functional.

The thing that sucks most is that it's two weeks out before the 90km race for the Feilding Festival of Cycling. Trying to pull tight, slick lycra shorts over my graze about the size of the bottom of a mug will be rather excruciating if I want to get out on the road to train some more for the race. Instead, the order of the day will be rest.

It's definitely the annoyance of the incidence that pisses me off the most. Sure, it's awkward trying to walk after laying down reading an enthralling book or sitting at the computer for a while; but there are emotional pains in my life that cut far, far deeper than physical pain. It's shaping up to be an awfully bad weekend...

Mistakes Can Be Wonderful

With the bright, low winter sun streaming through filtered glass into my very warm office, I had attempted to capture more vivid photos of the mini capsicums growing in abundance using a low exposure. Unfortunately, I completely overlooked the factor of which direction the camera was facing, producing extremely dark images than intended.

However, despite failed manual camera settings, the pictures turned out amazing, as seen in the following:

And here are a couple of other pictures before messing around with the camera settings:

Strawberries, tomatos, and perhaps some beans would grow well in this hothouse as well; would make for a beautifully lush and green working environment!

Drunken Stupor, Take Two

Last night, caught up with cycling friend I not seen in some time, and managed to run into Raewyn briefly. Raewyn is off to follow the Tour de France with her husband and a few others for two months. Then my friend and I hit up a couple bars. I drank way too much; prolly eight pints worth. Had to lean against my friend as we walked back to the car. That eighth drink was devastating!

This morning, somehow I managed to drag self out of bed, almost couldn't stay standing in the shower; then packed and walked briskly with my bike to bus station three blocks away to catch the 9:20 to Wanganui to visit folks. And bike in tow to compete in the interclub individual time trial.

I'm not sure what possessed me to think I could do time trial in my state; but I did it anyway. Some left over cold chicken helped line my stomach for a short while. And despite blustery winds, I managed to average 32km/h over the 25km course.

Still feeling a lil ill. Really do need to learn to drink slower, and know my limits. I should also eat before going out too! Four pieces of toast just won't do...